Mission, vision, values

Betsaide mission statement

A company that is about people, that is recognised in Europe, that values the hard work of all its employees.

A successful, technologically cutting edge project that is efficient and profitable and creates wealth for those involved in it and those in the surrounding area; a benchmark project in the sector, of which everyone can be proud.

Excellence in quality and reliability, with well trained, motivated employees capable of working as a team.

Betsaide vision statement

To continue being specialists in technology but generalists as regards products and applications.

To offer ever more demanding products and associated services to major customers in the company’s various target industries and markets segments.

To be flexible and to provide value-added products.

To manufacture in Elorrio and cater for the European market.

Betsaide’s values

  • Commitment to and identification with the company
  • External and internal customer
  • Rigour and professionalism
  • Orientation towards results
  • Teamwork
  • Respect for people
  • Flexibility in decision-making
  • Creativity, initiative and the desire to improve