We visit KL katealegaia

betsaide KL katealegaia

At BETSAIDE we want to go deeper into discovering good business practices that serve as a reference to evolve in our corporate model and learn from other S.A.L. and their successful experiences.

On 28.10 representatives of our Board of Directors (Estibalitz Egidazu Ugaldea, Josean Barato and Xabier Álvarez) visited the facilities of KL katealegaia in Hernani, a multi-sector industrial supplier, which is currently the largest S.A.L., with more than 900 workers (93% disabled).

We thank Pablo Núñez and Sara Jaurrieta Sainz for their hospitality and for sharing their experiences and Jone Nolte Usparicha Nolte as ASLE Manager for participating in this enriching visit.